Music Sucks

So I ordered a CD about 2 weeks ago from HMV. Does anyone still buy CDs anymore? No? Ok. Well, because HMV is a mainstream music store they didn’t have the CD I wanted, so I had to order it in. It came in on Friday, and I started thinking, are CDs on the way out? Seeing as we still even have music stores like HMV that sell CDs it looks like the industry isn’t completely dead, but with so many people downloading and the odd person buying from iTunes, do people buy CDs anymore?

I still buy CDs because, well, just because. I feel better having a hard copy of the music rather than just an iTunes file. Granted, the first thing I do with a new CD is upload it to iTunes and put it on my iPod, but I still like to have the CD itself. Also because I don’t have an MP3 adapter for our car.

But yes. CDs. For me personally, I think that buying an artist’s CD is proof that you like their music enough to support them. So much of today’s music is complete crap. And so I don’t buy as many CDs anymore. Because of the ease of downloading and Youtube and whatnot, the music industry is probably going to die out. What does this mean for the artists? The making of CDs will most likely eventually cease, but there are still sites like iTunes which you legally pay for music. But someday in the future, will artists have a new way of getting a profit from their music or will they eventually have to live with the fact that music is no longer a way to pay the bills?

It will be interesting to see how the music industry deals with this. But in my humble opinion, perhaps this trouble they’re facing now is their just rewards for the crappy music they’ve been giving us. Maybe when they stop mass producing the same old mediocre artist singing blandly over the same old beat, we’ll start buying their stuff again.