Are the Media Evil?

Kind of, yes.

It’s kind of cliché, I know. But it’s also kind of true.

So the other day, I was waiting in line at Sobey’s, and I was looking at the covers of all of those celebrity news magazines, and they show things like “Kate has a puppy” and “Brad Pitt is silly” or something equally asinine. I mean, first of all, who gives a crap? Then they have the magazines that say “LOSE 16 POUNDS IN A WEEK!” Which, by the way, is pretty much impossible, unless you are extremely, fatally ill. Which is bad.

So what do all of these messages have in common? The simple, Western idea that in order to be beautiful and therefore, worthwhile, you need to follow this image the media show us. And the images they show us are impossible to live up to. Super thin girls and perfectly built boys, it’s not wonder we have so many young people with eating disorders.

And it’s not even completely the fault of every celebrity. I think we often forget they’re people just as much as the rest of us….just with a lot of more money. It’s how they’re portrayed by the media that makes them seem like part of the problem. But while they promote the warped idea of beauty we have, they are also forced into a mold of sorts, and you can’t be outside of this mold to be successful.

Because of this twisted idea, we’ve become a nation of people with eating disorders, self esteem issues, and incredibly low self worth. My question is, why are we letting them do this to us? It used to be the case that more plump women were considered more attractive.

There is a website I saw that compares paintings of Venus as an image of beauty, and they have been photoshopped to represent how they would have been painted today, based on our notion of beauty.

Venus vs Modern day

Traditional beautry vs. modern day beauty

The difference is astonishing and worrying.

Why do we think that thinner is so much better for women? What is wrong with us, that we let the media dictate our own self worth?

Are the media evil? They are when they send out these sick messages.


One thought on “Are the Media Evil?

  1. madelejm says:

    Another interesting post. Also, I think your blog title is hilarious.

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