So for my final project of doom, I started playing Everquest a little while ago. Well, Everquest II. It’s addicting and that’s not good.

I started playing and pretty much just ran around and killed stuff for a while, ignoring the other people. Everquest II is free to play–up to a point. As far as I know there’s no 30 day trial thing, nor is it set up as WOW, where it’s free up to level 20. No, Everquest is way sneakier than that. If you want to play for free, that’s fine–as long as you don’t mind not being able to acceess certain things. For example, when you start, the number of characters you can select from in the free version is very limited. It then goes into limiting the amount of items you can carry on you, the amount of items you can put in a bank, and even which items you can equip! I found this cool legendary thingy, and tried to equip it, and it wouldn’t let me. It’s unfortunate, really, but I’m not going to pay just to do those things.

Anyway, I got tired of just running around on my own, so I found a guild to join to actually experience the MM part of MMO. The people I met were really nice, and are very patient with my noob-ness.

I find Everquest to sometimes be difficult to understand. It’s trying to do a lot of things at once, which might be part of the problem. It also wants to take all of your money. That sucks.

But I’m still messing around with it, so I’m hoping to get a bit better at it. There’s so much I don’t understand D:

The people in my guild like Big Bang Theory, too. I picked the right one.

So if anyone is playing Everquest II on the Permafrost server, we should get together and kill stuff.


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