Montreal is Looking at You

Let us take a moment to think about torrents.

Are they stealing? It used to be that, in Canada, downloading movies for your own personal use was legal. Now, with all this new stuff happening, I don’t know if that’s true anymore, but I’m assuming it isn’t. That sucks. Well, does that mean that it’s stealing now? And if so, does that mean it wasn’t stealing when it was legal?

I am trying to word this so it’s not confusing but I don’t think I’m doing a good job.

If, before this law was passed, torrents were ok, does that mean that now, downloading suddenly means stealing?

Hey, you were ok with it earlier. Why not now?

Torrenting is now considered bad, so some company in Montreal is watching everything you do to “protect the interests of the artist” or whatever bullshit they’re feeding us these days. All because they think we’re stealing. Well, maybe we are. Maybe supporting the artist/creator is always the right thing to do no matter how terrible the content they give us is. But to then spy on us? That’s not cool.

Basically, they’re countering our “stealing” with their spying. Sure, that makes sense.

In my humble opinion, torrenting is kind of a form of stealing. If people wanted their content to be available for free they would have put it on the internet themselves. But I can’t help but like the idea of getting content I like for free. Also, buying some of the stuff I want is difficult. Unless you buy it on the internet. Everything is available on the internet.

Sorry for this short, really repetitive post. But I’ve been thinking about these jerks who think that the best way to stop us from doing things is to scare us into stopping.

And while it might work (at least for the time being) that doesn’t make it right.


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