Google Could be Evil and That’s Not Good

I usually go to Google News to find stuff to talk about. There’s usually a bunch of stuff going on in the articles about copyright, but today/this morning at 2 am I found something EVEN MORE INTERESTING.

OK, so, in the Google news search bar I typed in “The Pirate Bay” and found this:

I tried to take a screen shot please disregard the Tumblr tag

Screen shot 2013-04-08 at 2.18.19 AM

So basically articles were removed from the search because of copyright issues, if I understand correctly.

Uhhhh ok sure.

How weird is that? I don’t know if it’s just Google being weird or if they actually took down posts because people actually filed complaints. Who knows. But if it’s the latter, then man…this is getting out of hand. To take down articles because of copyright issues? Seriously?

This all boils down to fair use and how it’s being taken from us. We can’t use copyrighted music in Youtube videos, can’t use copyrighted movie or audio clips…now we can’t post articles? I find it odd.

At the end of the day all of my blog posts seem to basically be saying the same thing: they (the industry in general I guess) wants to control EVERYTHING so they can control the profits. And we, supposedly the passive-turned-active audience, are letting them do it.

So I guess I have nothing new to say. But it’s just another piece of evidence to prove my point.

However it’s interesting to note that Google is one of these places which is bowing to copyright complaints, like Youtube. Considering the amount of leverage Google has in the digital world, are they going to be the new threat in this copyright war?


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